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Most of the stuffs here are FREE. Some are NOT FREE but will let you try it for a limited time before you buy it. The accuracy of the information is not guaranteed here. In no event am I liable for any damage you may suffer by using the software/s.                          

Freeware Web-site - a great freeware site.                                                          

Free Electronic Greeting Card
Penang.Net - Malaysia site!
Cyber Greeting Collection
Internet Card Central
Magic Page
AdOnWeb Enviro Cards
Bluemountain Greeting Cards
Awesome greeting cards
Hitchhikers Internet Services
Aphrodite's Love Palace Cards
Car Talk Postcards
Chinese New Year Cards
Dear Valentine
Digital Hug
E-Card Center
The E-card Shop
Ferrari Postcards
The Foundry Group
The Postcard Shop
AsiaOne - Chinese New Year card with music
Warner Bros.
New Year card
Vault Free Stuff  - Information about free stuff, giveaway, chatroom, trade link, Java games, ect.
Romeo and Juliet - Specially dedicated to young lovers

Sites That Offer Free Home Page
Malaysia Net - Malaysia site!
Sarawak Online - Malaysia site!
Informative Malaysia - Malaysia site!
Teenplanet - Malaysia site!
Geo Cities
WebSpawner - provides free homepage with basic feature only, but is suitable for beginners because it provides guides in creating it.
The Internet Exposed
Home Free
Smartec - Free homepage, e-mail account, and.... (unlimited disk space for your homepage).
Focus-Asia - It provides a lot of services for MEMBERS only, but all are free. Besides free home page, email account, faxing, paging and more services are provided.
Top Town
Naz Inc - 2MB of homepage and an email account.
Arachnid's Free page design
Get a free home page in Antaro
Home Team
Pixel, London, Ontario, Canada
Toronto Web Services
Websight Directory
The Internet Yellow Pages Network
Go Global - for Commercial Web Designers & Resellers to start or expand their Web business.
Fortunecity - 6Mb of web space.
CommuniTech.net - Free hosting service for personal web sites.
BIP - 3MB of web space.

Free E-mail Account
Yahoo! email - All you need is web browser. Good for people who have Internet access but no E-mail account.
iName Personalised Email Service
MailCity - Free email account accessible anywhere throughout the world.
NetAddress - Free E-Mail account for life. Much better than Hotmail.
FocusAsia - Letter Box.
Geo Cities
Juno Free E-mail - FAQ
Bigfoot - Free E-mail for life.
Excite - Another free email account that doesn't require frame or JavaScript capability.
My Own E-Mail - let you choose any domain name.
EudoraMail - Free email account just like hotmail.

Free Faxing
The Pc Group
The Phone Company's Remote Printing Service
iWebFax Free Faxing Service - Fax to anywhere in KL and Area Code 03 for FREE via the Web.

Internet Phone
CoolTalk - Netscape
IBM Internet Connection Phone - IBM
Intel Internet Phone - Intel Corp
Internet Phone - VocalTec Inc.
FreeTel - FreeTel Comm. Inc.
Free Internet Phone
Microsoft NetMeeting - Microsoft
PowWow - Tribal Voice
Quarterdeck WebTalk - Quarterdeck Corp.
TeleVox - Voxware Inc.
WebPhone - NetSpeak Corp.
Dynasty System Sdn. Bhd. - call from your PC (via the Internet) to regular phone in the world and save up to 95% on your phone bills. The person you are calling doesn't have to be on the net.

Internet Video Conferencing
CineVideo/Direct - CineComm Corp.
Connectix VideoPhone - Connectix Corp.
Enhanced CU-SeeMe - White Pine Software Inc.
VDOPhone Internet - VDOnet Corp.

Free E-mail and Web Page Forwarding
StarMail - Select the domain name you like!
PostOne - Singapore
Friendly E-mail
Per Mail
Travel Tales

Free Internet Reminder
Never Forget Reminder Servicesend you electronic mail to remind you of any calendar date that is important to you
Free Reminder Service
Free Internet Reminder Service
Free Minder
Free Internet Reminder - URL-minder, keep track of any Web resource accessible via HTTP, FTP, or GOPHER.
InfoBeat Reminders

Free Virtual Flower
Free Virtual Flower
Virtual Flower

Free Virtual Pet
Virtual Pet - You can download either a dog, a cat or an oddball for free.

Free Banner Making
Prescient Code Solutions
GIF Wizard - reduce the image file size.
On-Line Animated Gif Banner Making

Free Counter For Home Page
WebTracker - Free page counter with many options.
WWW Home Access Counter
Internet Count
Count 4 All
Mike's page Access counter
Reynolds Enterprises
Count-IT Web Counter - A free web counter that can be used on any server.
vietworld - Many style of counter/clock/date for Homepage.

Free Internet Course

Free IRC Software
paraCHAT's Home page - free JAVA applet which user may copy to their homepage and run as chat room.

Free Guest Book On Internet
Guestbooks Unlimited
Piett's Guestbook
Spin's Guestbook
ABCTEC Guestbook
Paradise Guestbook
The Internet Exposed
Web2010 Guest Book
NetHosting Guest Book
Alamak Internet Chat

Free Games
Jumbo Freeware
The Internet Gaming Zone
Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
Mozart's Musikalisches Wurfelspiel
Sandbox Entertainment Network
Who Can It Be Now?
Tantrix On-line
Planetary Raiders
Dog Body Parts Game
m-mm-Max Headcold!
The Doronomo Virtual Casino
Internet Games Listing - The Hevan
Internet Games Listing - Shadow Lord
Internet Games Listing - Ronnie Productions
BattleCity (Action/Strategy),SPEED (Multiplayer Puzzles), Exactly who is Jankos?
2AM's Alliance & Defiance - fight with up to four other players for the domination of Europe.
The Games Place - Many free downloads from this site. Try it, you won't regret!
Internet Games Corporation - Rated on-line games.
Microsoft - A look through to the newest games title "Ages of Empires" by Microsoft.

Application/Documents Sharing, FTP, White boards, Audio/Video Conferencing
CollabOrator System 1000 - Creative Software Technologies Inc.
CoolTalk - Netscape
Internet Conference Professional - VocalTec Inc.
Microsoft NetMeeting - Microsoft

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