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More On Internet, Tools And Miscellanous Information
compliments of TPSB's Web Section

Most of the stuffs here are FREE. Some are NOT FREE but will let you try it for a limited time before you buy it. The accuracy of the information is not guaranteed here. In no event am I liable for any damage you may suffer by using the software/s.                                                                                                   

Web Browser
AOL - American Online Internet@Large Experience
Microsoft Internet Explorer - Microsoft Corp.
Netscape Commander- Netscape Communications
NCSA Mosaic

E-mail Programs
E-Mail Connection
Eudora Pro
Internet Chameleon
Internet In a Box
Microsoft Internet Mail
Proto 96

Web Page Authoring Tools
GNNpress - GNN Hosting Services
HotDog32 - Sausage Software
HoTMetal Pro - SoftQuad Inc.
HTML Assistant Pro - Brooklyn North Software Works Inc.
Microsoft FrontPage - Microsoft
Microsoft Internet Assistant - Microsoft, free with MS Office 97
Netscape Navigator - Netscape Communications
Quarterdeck WebAuthor - Quarterdeck Corp.

Multimedia Tools
RealAudio - Progressive Networks
QuickTime - Apple Computer, Inc.
VDOLive Player - VDOnet Corp
Shockwave - Macromedia Inc.
StreamWorks, XingMPEG Player - Xing Technology Corporation
Liveupdate Crescendo
NET TOOB - Play MPEG, AVI, WAV, MIDI audio, QuickTime VR, FLC/FLI and real-time audio and video files.
QuickMotion for OS/2
PC Demos Explained
MIDI Music Files
Yeowch Lee - Virtual Reality Modelling Language Editor.
VXtreme - A plugin that provides streaming video.
Nullsoft - enable you to play CD quality song in MP3 format.

Internet News
PointCast - broadcasts personalized news, stock quotes, weather and more directly to your computer screen.

Shareware, Freeware, Public Domain
The Software Shak
Hot downloading areas
Happy Puppy
Mansofco - The Yellow Pages of 100 links to shareware programs with lots of utilities, games and miscellaneous programs.
Sander's Keyscreen Previewer - let one have an inside preview of the software before downloading.
Freeware32 - Reliable freeware with good descriptions and ratings.
Rocket Download

Finding E-mail address on the Internet
Four-11 E-mail Directory Service
WhoWhere? E-mail Addresses
Bigfoot Home Page--Global E-mail Directory
Switchboard - U.S. residential listings

Reading Chinese characters
NJWIN CJK Multilingual Support System for Win 95
UnionWay AsianSuite
Chinese Star
Chinese Ware
RichWin For Internet
Twin Bridge
HanNet Chinese Viewer
Mview - Software to read Chinese, Japanese and Korean character.
Chinapro - No time limit

Surfing tools
BackWeb - Download information while surfing.
FreeLoader - Download web sites while you are sleeping to your hard disk for later viewing.
ICQ - ICQ is a program that tells you who's online at all times, so you can know which of your friends & colleagues are online.
Visual Web - Offline Browsers, download web sites and view it offline.

Colleges and Universities
United States
United Kingdom
Planet Earth Listing