1. Development

A unique offshore construction system which offers cost saving to marine construction contractors has been developed. The innovative technology embodied in this system actually provides a cantilevered pile driving system for marine structures. It has been called simply "Fast Marine Erect". This new system eliminates work boat-based operations in driving large diameter pipe piles and erecting pile supported structural decks made either from steel or concrete or a composite of both materials.

The system is quite suitable for use on coastal offshore construction sites. Large diameter piles can be driven as long as 50 metres (164 feet). It is particularly useful for driving pipe piles exceeding 800 mm (31.5inches) in diameter.

Range of Application

Item Dimension

Diameter of piles : 800 mm to 1,200 mm

Length of piles : Max. 50m (approx.)

Cantilever portion : 25 m (vertical)

(Pile holder to pile top) : 15 m (batter)

Raking angle : 20 degs. (+2 deg.) All directions

Weather Conditions

Wind velocity

(working) : Less than 16m/sec

Idle/Standby : Less than 55m/sec


Prototype Installation