• MANGLISH (Malaysian English) : A guide for the Uninformed...

  • What we say What we mean
    Why are you so boring?
    Why you so boring?
    Why are you so bored?
    I am interesting.
    I got interest lah.
    I am interested.
    I will send you to the airport. I will take you to the airport.
    Follow me!
    (and walks to his own car)
    Follow me in your own car.
    I follow your car. I will follow (go with) you in your car.
    You are so sensitive. You take offense too easily.
    You so thick skin one. You are so insensitive.
    You so glamour tonight. You are so glamorous tonight.
    Just now. Awhile ago
    This is my rubber. This is my eraser.
    I am very black. I have a dark skin tone.
    This business can run.
    This business can do.
    This business is viable.
    Cannot talk anymore-lah! Cannot bargain anymore (lah).
    Let's meet at the 'longe'. Let's meet at the lounge (not launch).
    The lolly cannot run. The lorry/truck has broken down.
    My tyres no flower. My tyres are bald.
    Please 'go-stun' your car. Please reverse your car.
    My house has many lizards. My house has many ghekkos.
    Why you so like that? Why do you behave so unpredictably?
    Q: Whose one is this?
    A: My one.
    Q: Whose is this?
    A: Mine.
    My job is to run outstation. My job requires me to go out of town.

    Yes, we do have a unique way of using the English Language. Of course, not all Malaysians speak this way all the time. The examples here are based on observation. Somehow we manage to understand each other; but I really wonder whether visitors to our country fully understand what we are saying. It is all in good fun and I hope we have not offended anyone as it is not our intention to offend.