Kit's odyssey


KIT - the odyssey (click on the small images to get the big pictures)


Well, it all began on April Fool's day when the SPM (equivalent to O Levels) examination results were announced.

Two weeks later, we were at the school waiting for the prize presentation.

Finally, after a very long & tiring wait, Kit had to run up to the stage to receive the prize and do action "braking" on stage.


All smiles were around and another prize (this time - cold hard cash) was received from the Institution of Engineers Malaysia as an encouragement for the members' children.


And mummy was especially elated and calm . . .



Kit was awarded a place for A-Levels in Temasek Junior College in Singapore;


and stayed at the hostel, St Patrick's House on East Coast Road.


We thought that was the end of the story until in mid-June 99 when he was offered a place in our local Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Technology University of Malaysia).

A reconnaissance "to & fro" trip was made from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to UTM Skudai (700 km return trip) to check out the place. Once he was decided on the UTM offer, then the big shift - back from Singapore to KL and then KL to Skudai.

He is staying in Kolej Tun Hussain Onn (Sri Kencana house) for the first year. Mum & May are helping to shift his things from the car boot into the college room.


Hmmm . . . it's his education and do I have to take him to Singapore too?

But then . . .