Ennore Breakwater Construction, East India


The eastern coast of India is subject to storms and cyclones during the monsoon, and the littoral drift creates a sand transport along the coast. Construction of a new harbour on this coast, known as the Ennore Coal Port, required the construction of two new breakwaters to protect the future coal harbour and incoming ships from waves and sedimentation problems.

Because the soil there was determined to be insufficient to support such breakwaters, additional dredging and backfilling were needed and a new method of compaction was developed.

The main features of the port consist of a Northern Breakwater with a length of approx. 3200 m and a Southern Breakwater with a length of approx. 1300 m, distanced approx. 2500 m, thus creating a harbour basin of approx. 2500 x 1500 m2 to be dredged at a depth of -15.50 m, with an access channel to be dredged at -18.00 m. To construct the breakwaters, 3 million tonnes of rock were needed for the rock-dumping operations

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June 2000