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This link contains information on where to obtain free programs and fully working programs which allows you to evaluate at your own liability. All the software is fully working and no unusable or time limited demos are listed here.

Link to: Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering


Hudson's formula for preliminary design of breakwaters (in javascript)

Free Demo Shareware

Download Page

Click on the demo file you would like to download. After the file downloads to your hard drive, just activate it and it will unpack the program files to your hard drive. Please note that these programs are not owned by me and are strictly for demonstration purposes.

Do not expect these programs to be extensive and complete.

Demo Files: (Click on the file to download)
AISC Shapes Footings Structural Tool-Box WinCrete WinPlate
Beams Mechanical Tool-Box TASM Welds WinRig
Shell Demo RetWall WinBase WinFrame WinThread
Drainage Sections WinCon WinWood  
Steam Tables        

Composite Beam/Girder Program

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